The North East Educational and Developmental Support Center

Our Services

Day Services

Community Based Day Support (CBDS) Programs

Community Based Day Supports offers a supportive program to adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities which assists individuals to develop, maintain and enhance their ability and confidence in personal, social and community activities. Skill development activities occur in the areas of communication, self-care, socialization, relationship-building, healthy living, self-advocacy and community involvement. A major focus is to become involved in and contribute to the local neighborhood and community, spending time with other people with similar interests. The program supports the person who may have employment as a goal but who needs more support and instruction in order to be ready to obtain a desired job. Volunteer job opportunities are offered where the individuals can try out different types of work and see if it is a good match for them. A job club, which focuses on career exploration, transportation training and job search skills is also offered, enhancing the skills to become gainfully employed.

Volunteer activities

Social skills training

Community integration

Communication skills development

Functional living activities

Supported employment and training

Behavior management


Program Locations

Tewksbury, MA
Rowley, MA
Beverly, MA

Residential Services

The NEEDS Center offers residential services and supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as challenging and at-risk behavior. We currently operate 21 group residences within the following seven communities: Methuen, Billerica, Tewksbury, Revere, Haverhill, Boxford, Topsfield, Marstons Mills, Orleans. These spacious single-family homes are contracted with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS). Each group residence serves 2-5 adults, has a dedicated Program Coordinator (PC), and features 24-hours per day staffing. The focus of our residential services includes:

Self-care skills

Activities of daily living

Language and communication skills

Social skills, social competence, and relationship-building

Community-based instruction and support

development of leisure skills

Opportunities to participate in vacations to ME, NH, and FL

Prevention-focused behavior support

Adults receiving residential services also participate in numerous community activities such as volunteer work opportunities, recreational pursuits, visits with families, and special events. Our Director of Residential Services supervises activities, staff training, program development, and related activities. Further administrative and clinical support is provided by the NEEDS Center President, Vice President of Clinical Services, and Director of Health Care Services through regularly scheduled meetings devoted to operations, peer review, and outcome evaluation.

School Consultation

The NEEDS Center works with many school districts each year, providing training and consultation services to administrators, teachers, and students. Our consultants work with school staff and family members to coordinate and enhance educational and behavioral services for children and adolescents with:

  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities
  • School adjustment and behavior disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Multiple disabilities
  • Psychiatric disorders

Our cost-effective school consultation services are based on the most contemporary “best practice” approaches to assessment, education, and treatment. We carefully tailor our services to the specific needs and concerns of each individual, classroom, school, or district, developing highly individualized recommendations and plans for students. Needs Center’s school-based consultation services, offered throughout the country, include:

Behavior and support plan development and implementation

District- and school-wide behavioral support strategies

Educational and behavioral program design

Curriculum development

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

Staff training

Collaborative team-building

Inclusive educational support

Parent training

Transition support

Diagnosis, Assessment, and Evaluation

Functional behavioral assessment

Psychoeducational, clinical, behavioral evaluation

Independent educational evaluation

Home-based Therapy

Home-based therapy provides meaningful learning opportunities that enable children with ASD to master critical skills in their home or other familiar environments.

We work with families and their insurance companies to identify the best times to schedule our one-on-one in-home ABA therapy sessions — typically from five to 20 hours per week. After discussions with the family and a comprehensive assessment that identifies a child’s strengths and areas to target for improvement, we develop a highly personalized treatment plan which includes the development of adaptive skills and strategies to decrease challenging behavior. The therapy may include a direct service provider who implements the treatment plan developed and supervised by a BCBA. The therapy may also include parent consultation with the BCBA to ensure the parent has the ability to implement the treatment plan with gradual independence when the service providers are not present.

Children with ASD often need additional support with language development and communication, social skills and imaginative play, self-care, pre-academics/academics, and mastering skills that allow them to communicate their needs and desires in a way that decreases their need to engage in challenging behaviors. All these skill areas will be assessed and be included in the comprehensive treatment plan based on the child’s individual needs.